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The LBV150S2 offers all the proven features of the LBV systems.  Ideally suited to inshore or civil applications where a rapid setup is required.  The integrated control console, umbilical and ROV take only minutes to have ready for operation.

Powerful Thrusters

The LBV150S2 is equipped with four powerful, oil-compensated brushless DC thrusters. There is 1-lateral, 2-forward and 1-vertical thruster, enabling manouverability in four axes, just like a helicopter.  The additional lateral thruster adds the capability to fly sideways, allowing the operator to keep either camera on target while piloting along a ship hull or dam surface on-the-fly.  10-step variable power control to each axis allows for smooth video and sensor recording. For added reliability, serviceability, and peace of mind, each thruster is identical and independent of the vehicle enclosure, ensuring no dynamic seals penetrate the vehicle’s electronics enclosure

Long Umbilical

The LBV150S2 comes equipped with a generous 150 meters (500ft) of our revolutionary small diameter umbilical.  Managing the long umbilical is simple with the heavy duty reel. The extremely small-diameter of our umbilical presents at least 24% less drag than other systems meaning the vehicle is controlled by the operator, not the umbilical.

Intuitive Controls                                                                                               

Operation of the LBV150S2 is simple with the standard Integrated Control Console featuring the acclaimed LBV Hand Controller.  Standard Auto-Heading, Depth, and Trim, as well as all system functions are at your fingertips in a logical, simple layout.  Added features include the 38 cm (15") monitor behind a waterproof panel, sunshade for direct light operations and sealed components for harsh environment operations.  The programmable Video Overlay displays heading, depth, temperature, thruster gain settings, auto settings, cable turns, and time/date.

High-Quality Video and Sensor Data

The video system provides clear images from the standard high-resolution color camera.  In addition to the color camera is a low light B/W camera.  Both cameras have a total 270º field of view through 180º rotation of the camera enclosure.  The internal, fully-adjustable Quartz Halogen Lighting provides light as it tracks the color camera.  The programmable Video Overlay displays heading, depth, temperature, thruster gain settings, auto settings, cable turns, and time/date.


The LBV150S2 is a very complete system, however, many options are available to further customize the system to each client's requirements.  Add items like a three jaw grabber, USBL tracking system and external lighting.


Just a few examples of how the LBV150S2 systems can be used.                                   Ship Hull Inspections                                                                                                Inshore surveys                                                                                                         Scientific research                                                                                                  Potable water                                                                                                        Aquaculture Recreation                                                                                                

For more pictures, please visit our gallery